Malumu - 100% Colombian Specialty - Ground 500g

Medium Roast – Specialty

Origin: Colombian

Region: Quindío

Varieties: 100% Arabica

Grade: 1

Harvest Year: Sept – Dec 2019

Tasting Notes: Sweet / Carmelly / Smooth

Sweet, Mellow and delicate taste. The beans are full of Sugar Browning, Carmelly and Syrup-Like Aromas with flavoured Caramel. Very smooth taste, recommended for everyone who loves Colombian Specialty coffee. Having the right flavour of top notes, Malumu Coffee is now our most popular selling coffee. The beans are from the rich volcanic soil in the region of Quindio, with family-run farm that create a wonderful taste.


Once opened seal with a clip and store in a cool place.


Colombian Coffee (100%) flavoured with Roasted and packed in the UK by Highfields Coffee Ltd.

The fresher a coffee is, the better – right? Well, yes… but also no. Even though nobody wants to drink stale coffee, brewing a coffee straight after roasting can also result in a disappointing brew. That’s because of coffee degassing. Degassing takes 2 - 12 days depending on how its roasted. Takitaki Coffee Roasters takes 5 - 6 days to degas. Please ask advise if required. Enjoy the taste of fresh coffee.

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