Waki-Blend - Rwandan/Colombian - Ground 500g

Origin: Colombian

Region: Quindio

Varieties: 100% Arabica

Grade: 1

Medium Roast - Blend

Tasting Notes:Hand crafted beans creating an amazing Sweet, Mellow and Delicate taste. Sugar Browning, Chocolatey and Vanilla-like Aromas. It’s a mellow blend of beans that you can drink throughout the day. The Waki-Blends comprise of 60% of Colombian Kaukauwa beans and 40% Rwandan beans. Having this blend creates a unique taste just right for all coffee lovers who wants mild coffee tastes. The beans are from the rich volcanic soil in the region of Quindío, with family-run farm that create a wonderful taste.


Once opened seal with a clip and store in a cool place.


Colombian Coffee 60% Rwandan 40% Roasted & packed in the UK by Highfields Coffee Ltd.

The fresher a coffee is, the better – right? Well, yes… but also no. Even though nobody wants to drink stale coffee, brewing a coffee straight after roasting can also result in a disappointing brew. That’s because of coffee degassing. Degassing takes 2 - 12 days depending on how its roasted. Takitaki coffee takes 5 - 6 days to degas. Please ask advise if required. Enjoy the taste of fresh coffee.

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